On a summerday in 2017, we made a number of videos, to show you a bit of what to expect when you get to Rungstedgaard, and maybe also to inspire you to host a session.

Welcome to Rungstedgaard

A short introduction to the venue of the 2018 conference

The Courtyard

The second inspirational video for the 2018 International conference for Visual Practitioners.

The View

The third inspirational video from the 2018 venue. This time, one of the more spectacular meetingrooms.

Small Oasis

Rungstedgaard has lots of small spaces, to hang out, tap out or dive into a conversation. This is an example of one.

Lunden (Meetingroom)

Lunden is a midsize meetingroom – and of course, it also has a great view.

The Gazebo

Park rooms

Rungstedgaard has 140 rooms in total. In different categories. These are the newest ones – the beautiful park rooms.

Patio (Bad sound)

The sound is NOT very good in this video. And. We’re sorry for that. But the patio is beautiful anyway

Plenary room

The beautiful plenary room

Fire hut

A fire hut???
Well, it wouldn’t really be a summercamp without it… 🙂