EuViz® 2018

Rungstedgaard, Denmark
Conference:  July 31st – August 2nd 2018

In 2018 EuViz® & IFVP are once again be co-hosting a conference on European soil.
This time, in Denmark.

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Pre Conference Workshops:
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This year we have 4 precon workshops:

GR 101 – The signature workshop from IFVP.

Digital Tools –  Digital tools for the visual practitioner: from pain to possibility

Sticky Stickfigures? –  How to Draw like a Cartoonist to Aid your Graphic Recording.

Templates & Visual Aids –  Using templates and other visual aids to boost creativity and support social innovation workshops

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This years Keynote speakers

We are vey proud with the lineup of Keynote speakers this year.

Kelvy Bird

Kelvy will address the topic of generative scribing: drawing while attending to an emerging future.

This involves enfolding presencing (presence + sensing) into a visual practice, which Kelvy has cultivated over the past ten years through her collaboration with Otto Scharmer.


Martin Hausmann &
 Karina Antons

Martin & Karina are  both experienced Graphic Facilitators from Bikablo.

They will lead us through the opening Keynote, on the topic: 
“Do not reduce complexity”

David Sibbet

David will be the keynote listener of this years conference. And will tie the knot on this years conference. 

How does he see this field moving forward?
How do we truly embrace its full potential?



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