Scholars are a very important part of the conference.
Here you find a bit of information, and the link to the Google Form, for making a Scholarship application.

We are pleased to be able – with the support of our sponsors – to offer a limited number of scholarships to the EuViz 2018 Conference.

The scholarship provides a 50% discount on a conference ticket, in exchange for approximately
ten hours of work across the duration of the conference.

As a scholar, your time will assist to create a memorable experience, and run a successful conference with the organizing team.

In exchange for your time, you will be afforded the opportunity for deeper networking with visual practitioners from all over the world, and gain valuable tips for your career from industry experts. Not only that, we guarantee you’ll have a great time in the process!

Please fill out this Google Form, to apply for a Scholarship.

Make a Scholarship donation

The scholarship program is completely dependent on scholarship donations. 
Please make a scholarship donation through our conference platform.
Everyone who donates, will be mentioned on our website, and in the conference program.