Templates and visual aids


Monday July 30th – 9.30 – 16.30 
(incl. 1 hour lunchbreak)


Using templates and other visual aids to boost creativity and support social innovation workshops

How can we use prefabricated templates, dialogue cards and other visual aids to support creativity and idea generation in workshops that focus on social innovation?

This interactive session will look at concrete examples of how different templates and other visual aids have been useful for a number of different target groups (local communities, students, conference participants etc.) who want to work with social innovation.

We’ll have a look at the “I DO ART” template, which is a useful planning tool for visual practitioners meeting with clients to plan a workshop.

There will also be materials (markers, card board, paper etc.) so that participants can collaborate and develop their own templates and/or visual aids for a workshop they are planning.

Take aways:
– concrete examples of templates and other visual materials that can be applied directly in your own practice
– a visual template tool for planning workshops
– an actual template that you will design and get feed back on in the session


Ia Brix Ohmann
I have been a facilitator for 25+ years and started working with GF in 2015 as I launched my own business, OVERLAP.DK.

I have three main areas of work where GF has become an integrated element in my value proposition:
1)   I consult with volunteer organizations and facilitate community development
2)   I teach social innovation to students
3)   I teach GF to a broad target audience though mainly volunteer organizations and also work as a visual recorder.

Mia Pallisgaard
For the past 18 years of my life, I have worked – alone and with others – with initiatives that seek to create and implement solutions addressing some of the social and environmental challenges we face nationally and internationally.

One of the tools that I keep returning to when working with change and development is visualization.

Back in 215 I started “Procesværkstedet” where I work with both civil, public and private sector helping them visualizing their journey and vision.

Johanne Brix Kirkegaard
I have been a project manager, facilitator and instructor for more than 20 years. I was introduced to GF in 2012, where I quickly integrated the approach and tools in my practice. I have used GF both in
– Volunteer organizations
– Public health sector

Currently I use presentations and interactive posters to help high level directors as well as colleagues to transform complex messages into tangible stories.


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The price includes all materials, and food & beverage throughout the day.