Supporting EuViz®

EuViz® CoreTeam 2016/2017

The EuViz® CoreTeam 2016/2017 members are:

Mara – from Belgium
Chris – from Belgium
Sara – from Italy
Christina – from Denmark


Supporting EuViz®

In 2014 the first EuViz® conference took place in Berlin. It was organized by Neuland® and the Kommunikationslotsen and supported by an international core team. The first ever EuViz® was also an international IFVP conference – the International Forum of Visual Practitioners was EuViz® co-host in 2014.

(EuViz 2014®-Core Team: Mary Alice Arthur, Lynn Carruthers, Ole Qvist-Sørensen, Sabine Soeder, Sandra Dirks, Matthias Weitbrecht, Holger Scholz, Guido Neuland, Verena Hanke )

Two years later, Verena Hanke and Guido Neuland met with a handful of people and conceptualized the EuViz®-Relaunch. The threat was taken up by an international team of visual thinkers who now operate as the EuViz core team, supported by Verena and Guido.