Proposals for 2018 Conference

If you would like to contribute to the conference content, read through this page, and choose which format you’d like.
All proposals have to go through the Google Form, linked to below. 

Pre Conference workshops

The Pre Conference workshops, all run on Monday July 30th.

There are two formats:
– A Halfday workshop, of 3 hours.
– A Full fay workshop of 6 hours

The Preconference workshops most often run as a training.

Break out sessions

The breakout sessions, will be linked to the 4 tracks of the conference:
1: Craftmanship
2: Facilitation
3: Leadership
4: Social Innovation & Positive change

The different formats are:
Single session – 1 hour
Single session – 1,5 hours
Double session –  2 x 1 hour
Double session –  2 x 1,5 hours

You can read more about the tracks here.

Plenary sessions

The plenary sessions involves all participants of the conference.

The formats for the plenary hasn’t been decided upon yet, so, if you feel like proposing a plenary session, just be sure to describe it in as much detail as possible, with a clear timeframe.

Informal sessions

Since most of the participants will be staying at Rungstedgaard during all 3 conference days – and maybe even more – it gives us the possiblity to plan some more informal sessions.

Maybe you feel like hosting a singing session at the Gazebo. 
Maybe you feel like telling a story by the fire in the fire hut.
Maybe you’re a yoga teacher, and would like to do some yoga sessions in the park.
Maybe … something we can’t even imagine.

Maybe look at some of the videos we made from Rungstedgaard, and get inspired.

All proposals must come through this Google form: Proposals for EuViz 2018

The deadline for submitting your proposal is: Sunday April 1st 2018.